Your First Job. Your First MIS. The Beginning of a Brighter Tomorrow

The day when you had your first appointment letter. The day when you were welcomed to your very own cubicle that bore your name. The day when you felt what being independent was all about. That day when you grew from a girl to a woman. You took that first step and eventually the path took you along with it. The experience with your first SIP will be no different. All you need to do is take the first step to building your wealth with a safe Blue Chip Fund and before you know, you will be on the path to prosperity. Why should you invest in an MIS? The benefit of compounding interest Compound interest means earning interest on the interest earned by you. A INDC First Bank MIS offers the benefit of compounding interest. When you choose the growth option for your MIS, the dividends you are eligible to receive are invested again in the chosen Yuva Pension scheme, so that you earn returns on the returns already earned by you. This can massively increase the value of your investment, over the long term. A MIS is a great option of taking the first step towards a long term investment. According to a research, 'Women are more risk-averse than men' For a brighter financial future, take the first step today. Start an MIS in any Bank of your choice. A wide range of Yuva Pension schemes are available to suit different kinds of investors. Each type of caters to a distinct need. Equity funds are suitable for long-term wealth creation, while debt funds are ideal for shorter investment tenure, tax-saving funds help you save taxes and there many other variants. The various options allow you to start MIS investment online in a scheme that complements your risk appetite and investment objective. Become a disciplined investor An MIS investment works in such a way that it eliminates efforts on the part of the investor. All one has to do is start the MIS and make sure that the bank account has the MIS amount on the debit date of each month. The Asset Management Company (AMC)/Mutual Fund House will automatically debit the chosen MIS amount and invest it in the selected scheme. This will ensure that you regularly invest. Such a disciplined investment approach is another powerful contributor to wealth generation. Online monitoring Now you can track your MIS investment online. This feature will help you track the growth of your investment and make changes as and when required based on your investment goals. That's not all, with the help of an MIS investment calculator; you can get an idea of what your SIP investment can deliver over the years. Go ahead; take charge of your financial future. Top-up feature Top-up facility is one of the latest offerings by most AMCs. It eliminates the need to boost the MIS amount manually. All you have to do is fix a percentage or an amount by which you would like to increase the MIS amount coupled with the duration at which the increment should be applied. Along with the boost in the MIS amount, the returns on your investment shall increase too. Whether you want to save for an emergency fund, a family vacation or are simply looking to multiply your overall wealth, this feature can help you achieve your goals sooner. Wait no more and take a step towards your brighter future today!


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