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Loan Against Deposits


Unforeseen events and emergencies warrant immediate cash flow, which is why some investors may consider liquidating their FD investments before maturity. However, you can tend to emergencies without breaking your FD, by taking a loan against fixed deposit. Loan against Fixed Deposit is a secured loan, where you can pledge your FD as collateral, in return for the loan amount.

INDC First Limited offers easy Loan against Fixed Deposits at lower interest rates, with quick processing, flexible repayment options and minimal documentation.

  1. High-value loan

    Get loan up to 75% of the amount in a cumulative FD, and up to 60% of the amount in a non-cumulative FD.

  2. Minimal documentation

    With simpler paperwork and a single-page documentation, get guaranteed approvals.

  3. Quick processing

    Get the funds you need, quickly and easilFlexible repayment option

  4. Repay your loan over flexible tenors starting 90 days from when you first invested, right up to the remaining tenor of the FD.Zero extra chargesThere are no foreclosure or part-prepayment charges, to make the loan more affordable for you. Fund your emergency needs easily by applying for Loan against Fixed Deposit from INDC First Nidhi Limited today.

*Term's & Condition For CLL*

  1. If Loan Amount 12,500/- Or Below 12,500/- Then Emi Will Come Bie-Weekly (15 Day’s) or Daily Basis.

  2. If Loan Amount Above 12,500/- Than Emi Would Be Come Daily Or Monthly Basis.

  3. Max. Credit Limit Is Depending On Customer Cibil & His Account MAB.

  4. Pan Card Or Form-60 Is Mandatory For Credit Limit Loan.

  5. Latest Electricity Bill Is Mandatory For Loan. * Existing Guarantor Is Mandatory For Loan.

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